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GSI Products:

    We, here at RidgeTop, chose to offer to our customers GSI products for a variety of reasons.

  • One, GSI is one of the largest grain equipment manufacturers in the world. They manufacture a full line (storage, conditioning, and material handling) of products, in house.  The benefit of this is one call gets all service needs. 
  • In addition to a full line of products, GSI offers a wide variety of sizes.  No matter if your operation is small or large, farm or commercial, we can get you the equipment you need.
  • Third is commitment. GSI is committed to their customers, just like we are committed to our customers.
  • Innovation and commitment to making good products better is why RidgeTop chose to offer GSI products.  They listen to customers and accept feedback.
  • Link to GSI website

GSI Grain Bins:

    Grain bins are a lot like cars. Small, large, what accessories do I need/want?  There are a lot of different options that you can put on your bin.  Size, unload capacities, stairs, ladder, vents, handrail package, axial fan, centrifugal fan, heavy floor, light floor, and the list goes on and on.  This is where we come in.  Every operation is different, therefore every bin is different.  

    Our job is to make sure that we match the right bin with the right accessories with the right customer.  Remember, not all bins are created equal, let us know how we can show the GSI difference. Link to GSI Grain Bins.  

GSI Material Handling:

    "How can a bucket elevator help my operation?"  "What material handling does my operation need to speed up our facility?"  Sound familiar?  Grain handling is becoming more of a concern in todays farm and commercial markets.  More and more farmers are installing bucket elevators and other material handling equipment to speed up their operations.  At the same time, commercial operations are getting larger and more efficient.  RidgeTop can solve your material handling needs.

    Your operational needs may be a single bucket elevator that reaches multiple bins so there is no need to move an auger or it could be a revamp of an existing system to gain higher capacities.  In either case, the right system design with the right products will make your operation more successful. Link to GSI Material Handling.

GSI Grain Dryers:

    When harvest is in full swing, whether a farm or commercial operation, you cannot afford to be bottlenecked or shutdown.  RidgeTop understands this and is the main reason we offer GSI Grain Dryers.  These dryers are mechanically and technologically years ahead of the competition.  No matter the size of your operation, a GSI Grain Dryer is the right fit for you. Link to GSI Grain Dryers. 

GSI Towers:

    RidgeTop offers GSI Towers and Structures, which is just another piece of the full line of products GSI offers to its customers.  No matter the size of your operation and the number of structures you need, RidgeTop can help you find, plan, and construct the right tower or structure for you from start to finish. Link to GSI Towers and Structures.

ARCO Steel Buildings:

    RidgeTop offers a full line of steel frame building from ARCO Manufacturing.  From custom spans and sizes to pre-engineered buildings, we can fulfill your needs. Link to ARCO Steel Buildings.

 Batco Conveyers:




Westfield Augers:

Patriot Seed Tenders:

Crane Service:

    We are now offering crane service for Northeast Missouri and Southeast Iowa.  Our 40-ton National truck crane is a self-contained unit making for quick setup and with 140' of main jib there are not many jobs too big for our full time crane operator, Mark Otte.  Call today to schedule a time!


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