We carry any size of 1ph or 3ph electric motors and blowers.  If we don't have it we can order it for you!

We have any size of pulley, shaft, bushing, or sheave that you might need for your bin or auger!

A full line of NEW GSI Axial fans & heaters ranging from 1HP-15HP

NEW GSI 1635 Belt Conveyor w/ 10HP 1PH Elect. Drive Pkg, 6,000 BPH. Call for pricing.

New Westfield WR 100-31 Electric Top Drive w/ 5 HP 1 PH Motor, $5,000

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          (660)945-3120                                                                                                                                        (816)550-7690                                                                                                                                                                       

Used Westfield TFX2 100-31 Gas Drive Auger w/Wheel Kit & Bin Loader $6,275  

NEW Westfield WR 100-31 Electric Drive, $4,500 

NEW GSI 1220 Portable Dryer, LP, 1 PH, 950 BPH Full Heat @ 5pts.  Special pricing through Dec. 31st. Call for price.

We also carry a full line of NEW GSI Centrifugal fans & heaters from 1.5HP-50HP

We carry all sizes of horizontal and 25 degree drive units to fit any size operation!