Welcome to the world of Grain Systems. With over 60 years of experience we are able to offer design, installation & service of grain systems through our knowledge, custom solutions and high quality parts & equipment. We look forward to working with you to update your existing operation or start from scratch to meet your Grain System needs.

We added versa-loops to our system and they have been a game changer. They require half the power and move twice the amount of grain as a regular roof auger. Our load out time has been cut in half with our new bin and load out pipe. We added a new dump pit this spring and I’m very excited to use it this fall. Having a local parts and service contractor is priceless. But the thing that sets Rob and Ridgetop apart from their competitors is the fact that Rob is willing to work with your old system and add new equipment to make your system function to its peak ability. All contractors will come in and build new from scratch. But Rob can marry the old with the new in a seamless manner.
~Jamie Triplett


With 60+ collective years of experience, we look forward to working with you on your existing or new grain system operations.